Berry and White Chocolate Trifle Recipe

Berries and White Chocolate Trifle Recipe

Tasty Berry and White Chocolate Trifle Food Recipe

The succulent Berries and White Chocolate Trifle recipe is done with Berries, White chocolate and you can easily do it as a chef. With the ingredients from the list and following the instructions given you’ll make your personal delicious dish.

With our recipes, you will start cooking your favourite dishes like a chef. You have the choice to listen the audio instructions or download it to hear later. I love lunch, because it is unbelievable!! and below you will find the ingredients needed for this English, Scottish, British, European dish. Kitchen Recipes is pleased to give you this recipe.

Let’s start cooking!


  • 12 Boudoir or lady fingers Biscuits,.
  • 500 milliliters bought custard, usually Woolworth.
  • 250 milliliters cream,.
  • 100 grams slab white chocolate,.
  • 125 grams blue berries,.
  • 400 grams strawberries- hulled and cut in smallish chunks,.
  • medium cream sherry, usually a cap full per mini trifle,.
  • extra white chocolate for decorating which is optional,.


  1. Break the chocolate into smaller pieces and place in a glass bowl over boiling water and allow to melt.
  2. In the meantime, beat the cream until it forms soft peaks.
  3. Once the chocolate has melted, fold it into the cream with a spatula.
  4. Get your 6 glasses or small bowls ready and place two boudoir biscuits in each.
  5. Drizzle some sherry over the biscuits.
  6. Pour some custard in each glass followed by some fresh berries.
  7. Spoon some of the cream white chocolate mixture on top of the berries and repeat the layers ending with some white chocolate.
  8. Scatter a few berries on the top and finish off with a sprig of mint and some chocolate shavings.
  9. Keep refrigerated for at least 1 hour.

SERVES/YIELD: 8 servings


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Carring out this appetizing recipe at home, you will create an stupendous dish. Every one I know like this appetizing dish!
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